IRONWOOD S124RK Two Headed Sander

Ironwood’s engineering team designed the S124RK two head wide belt sander to be a robust blend of innovation, dependability, and quality. Designed for a serious woodworker who demands absolute precision in sanding, this machine will save labor and deliver excellent quality results. The S124RK includes a steel contact roller on the first head and a combination head on the second head.  All sanding heads feature poly-v belt drives and height adjustable contact rollers with position indicators for grit compensation, enabling quick set-up times and maximum stability, precision, and sanding quality.

  • Controller quickly adjusts machine thickness (+/- 0.1mm or 0.004”)
  • Controller storage capacity of 99 programs for easy and fast adjustment
  • Displays in mm or decimal inches (3 decimal places for inches)
  • Simple push button controls for turning on and off each head
  • Control switch with key for service or operation mode
  • Amp meters for each sanding head
  • Hour meter display
  • Emergency stop

42” Two-head wide belt sander

Head # 1 is a steel contact roller

  • 180 mm diameter profiled steel contact roller
  • Height adjustable contact roller with dial indicator for grit compensation
  • Twenty (20) horsepower motor
  • Poly-v belt drive
  • Cutting speed of 20 mps (65 fps)
  • Cutting direction against feed

Head # 2 is a combination head

  • 130 mm diameter 65 shore profiled rubber contact roller
  • Height adjustable contact roller with dial indicator for grit compensation
  • Height adjustable sanding pad
  • Fifteen (15) horsepower motor
  • Poly-v belt drive
  • Cutting speed of 12 mps (40 fps)
  • Cutting direction against feed

  • Poly-v belt drive for all sanding heads for smooth and vibration-free sanding head operation
  • Height adjustable contact rollers on all sanding heads with dial indicators for quick and easy setup and grit compensation
  • Rubberized hold down rollers before and after each sanding head with double hold down rollers at infeed and outfeed for consistent hold down
  • Variable speed conveyor 3.6-14 mpm (12 – 46 fpm)
  • Conveyor table mounted on four heavy duty jack screws for smooth, stable and accurate height adjustment
  • Adjustment hand wheel for quick and easy fine height adjustments
  • Automatic conveyor belt tracking for worry-free conveyor belt operation
  • Conveyor belt rides along robust steel conveyor table
  • Electronic abrasive belt tracking
  • Abrasive belt trimming for quickly and easily centering sanding belts for optimal sanding belt tracking
  • Abrasive belt tensioning adjustment located on front of machine with safety switches for belt breakage
  • Abrasive belt loading assist for all heads
  • Abrasive belt run-off protection
  • Pneumatic disc motor braking system
  • Workpiece over thickness protection system
  • Safety switches on all access doors and emergency stops at infeed and outfeed locations
  • Infeed roller table with 2 infeed rollers
  • Robust steel machine frame
  • UL/CSA machine electrical components
  • Dual voltage electrics (230V/460V)

Working width max.

1070 mm (42”)

Conveyor belt width

1100 mm (43”)

Abrasive belt width

1100 mm (43”)

Abrasive belt length

1900 mm (75”)

Workpiece thickness min.

3 mm (1/8”)

Workpiece thickness max.

150 mm (5.9”)

Workpiece length min.

450 mm (17.5”)*

Variable conveyor speed

3.6 – 14 MPM (12 – 46 FPM)

Feed motor

3 HP

Table rise/fall motor

½ HP

Head #1: 250mm Ø steel contact roller

20 HP 65 fps belt speed

Head #1: Rotation direction

Against feed

Head #2: Combination head – 140mm Ø 65 shore rubber contact roller with felt pad

15 HP 40 fps belt speed

Head #2: Rotation Direction

Against feed

Electrical connection*

233V | 3 Phase | 60 Hz

Dust collection requirements

2,450 CFM

Dust outlet –  head #1

2 ports x 123 mm (5”)

Dust outlet –  head #2 

2 ports x 123 mm (5”)

Compressed air requirements

90 PSI

Air consumption per cycle


Machine net weight

2,300 kg (5,070 lbs.)

Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

84” x 85” x 89”

*Minimum workpiece length is based upon feeding one individual workpiece.
Abrasive belt starter kit included with machine (80, 100, 120, 150 and 180 grit)
**460V power upgrades available upon request.  Additional charges may apply.