IRONWOOD CUT18PM (Plastics & Metals) Cut-Off Saw

The Ironwood CUT18 PM (Plastic and Metal Version) Cut-off Saw offers operators a safe and reliable, compact crosscutting solution.  The table surface of the CUT18 PM saw is precision ground and chromed to ensure absolute cutting accuracy while maintaining maximum stability during heavy cutting operations. The pneumatically operated machine highlights enhanced safety guards, fast cutting speeds, and the powerful motor torque required when working with multiple material types and dimensions.

  • Cutting capacities offer maximum thickness up to 4” and up to 12” width
  • Table surface is precision ground and chromed to assure cutting accuracy
  • Blade misting for keeping blade cool during non-ferrous metal cutting applications or when cutting plastics with a low melting point
  • Air over oil cylinder offers smooth cutting on hard materials with a greater range of a adjustment for the stroke of the blade
  • Back fence offers support up to cutline and on both sides of blade.
  • Adjustable cycle speeds offer quick cutting speeds
  • Powerful, high torque 10 HP motor drive ensure high stability at fast speeds
  • Belt-tension adjustments and replacements are performed quick and easy
  • Ironwood’s optional outfeed roller conveyor can be equipped with a graduated gauge bar and flip stops to ensure consistent cutting lengths
  • [Optional] Side Pressure Clamps help secure workpieces against the back fence on infeed, especially when cutting round rod or stock
  • [Optional] 10-degree tilting bracket included to allow machine base to be tilted backwards

  • Pneumatic operation of the cutting cycle is conveniently controlled via foot pedal
  • Pressure clamp is easily adjusted to provide versatility when working with varying thicknesses of material
  • Proper dust ports ensure positive air flow to prevent chip build-up within the machine cabinet. A top dust port helps evacuate chips from above.
  • Cycle speeds can be conveniently adjusted from the outside of machine cabinet.
  • Blade stroke can be adjusted to minimize cutting cycle time.
  • Machines are offered in right-handed feed and left-handed feed directions

  • Safety guarding minimizes risk of operator’s hands accessing the cutting area
  • Enhanced safety elements ensure saw blade is totally enclosed within the cabinet and covered by the pressure clamp when raised to perform cutting operation
  • Limit switches ensure safe tool changes, allowing access doors to opened only when blade has stopped rotating
  • (Optional) Dual-Hand Controls replaces foot pedal activation with dual-push button activation, requiring both buttons to be simultaneously pressed in order for the saw to cycle, and thereby reducing the potential for injury by removing operator’s hands from the cutting area
  • Emergency Stop
  • Conforms to UL / CSA electric standards
  • One year warranty

Cutting capacity (thickness x width) 2” x 12”/ 3” x 11” / 4” x 10”
Cycle operation Pneumatic
Material feed direction RH or LH
Saw blade size 18”
Saw arbor Ø 1”
Saw blade speed 3200 RPM
Table size 26” x 25 ½”
Working table height 34 ¼”
Motor 10 HP IE3
Dust port Ø / CFM 4” / 450 CFM
Air pressure 80-90 PSI
Air consumption 12 CFM at 45 CPM
Gross weight 902 lbs
Packing Dimensions 37” x 34” x 53”
Electrical Connection* 230 Volts | 3-phase | 60 Hz.

   *460V power upgrades available upon request.  Additional charges may apply.